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Engineers Core is a company from Serbia which offers services and solutions in fields of mechanical engineering, as well as electrical engineering, technology and more. Engineers Core works on the product development process, starting from the idea and finishing with a manufactured and successfully tested prototype.

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Engineering Services

If you need a hand or two!

Even if you did not start your project with us, we are more than glad to get involved anytime you need help! Engineers Core has a team of professionals ready to jump in and help in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering, technology, industrial design and more!


Consult with our experts in various different fields and let them find a solution to any problem you might face in the process of product development. Consulting might be short or long term, depending on your needs, challenges and problems you are facing.


Engineers Core provides outsourcing services to companies, individuals and start-ups who need help in their product development process. Get us involved in any phase and let us give you the best services!


Engineers Core is ready to provide you with our experts in order to support your projects! Support service involves integrating our experts into your team, in order to work on your project full time. Our delegates will responsively and committedly help you with your projects and your project manager will be responsible for them while they work for you.

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Engineering Solutions

From Idea to Product

Engineers Core offers different solutions and services, with a main focus on product developing projects. Bring your ideas from abstraction to reality by letting us guide you through the process of idea shaping, conducting a feasibility study, doing product design and development and finally manufacturing the prototype!

Engineers Idea Shaping

Idea Shaping

Idea shaping is the first phase of our product development process and its importance lies in getting to understand the client's visions of the product in the first place. Engineers Core provides brainstorming and coaching sessions, in order to encourage clients to develop further vision of the product.

Feasibility - Proof of concept

Engineers Core offers you a deep and detailed technical feasibility study conducted by a team of multidisciplinary experts, which includes information about components and actions needed to create a product, as well as 3D sketches for visualization. Analyze the potential of your investment and get a detailed report about your project!
Product prototype manufacturing

Product Design and Development

According to the client’s wishes and project needs, in this phase we make a selection of commercially available components, which need to be purchased for the manufacturing of the product. Also, if needed, we design and construct new components necessary for further development of your product. Making detailed 3D models and simulations helps us prepare for the final phase.

Prototype Manufacturing

As a result of all previous phases, the manufacturing phase begins with making a BOM (bill of material), which consists of all components needed for manufacturing, their specifications and characteristics. Next two steps are purchasing and manufacturing components listed in BOM. Engineers Core will test your product multiple times and make a report describing its functionality, performance and flaws, until the product is completely functional and the client is pleased with its targeted performance.
Engineers clients

Our Clients

How we can help

Our clients are all companies or individuals who need engineering services. Our focus is on helping people develop their product from idea to manufacturing, but we also provide services such as outsourcing, consulting and support.

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Benefits of remote engineers team

The Benefits of Engineers

  • going through product development process with you, from idea shaping to prototype manufacturing;
  • solving problems most efficiently;
  • overcoming all the challenges;
  • conducting a feasibility study to help you understand the process better;
  • guide your project in the right direction;
  • outsourcing, consulting and support services

Engineers Core Experts

Our experts

Years of experience

Engineers Core is a team of educated engineers, technicians and managers from different engineering and other fields. Our professionals are motivated to work on new projects and help people and organizations bring their ideas from visualisation to product, while being advised and guided by an exceptional team!

Engineers Core

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